Having been in operation for over twenty years, TOURIST MAPS KENYA continues to carry out the compilation, design, drawing and printing of high quality tourist oriented maps, educational maps, and tailor-made maps for clients. We lead the field in data collection, drawing, and publishing a wide range of high quality maps. The Managing Director of the company has over 40 years of experience in map making. Our extensive range of world class, colorful and user friendly maps include coverage of Kenya, Nairobi, and Kenyan National Parks and Reserves.

Our target market includes tourists (international and domestic), tour operators, schools, hotels, airlines, car rental companies, curio shops, and the general public. We have published various types of maps which can be purchased in all leading bookshops in Kenya.

Digital Maps are available at store.snapplify.com search Tourist Maps Kenya Ltd.

Our expertise covers the full cartographic spectrum including

Customized Maps
Branded Maps
Tourism Maps
Marketing with Maps
Educational Maps
Location Maps

Our expertise covers the full cartographic spectrum including: –

We specialize in tailor made or customized maps for companies. We include company details such as the logo, pictures, contacts, and any other details requested by the client on the map.

We have a vast range of experience in tourism related mapping. We have published maps of the National Parks and National Reserves in Kenya. The use of our maps enlightens both domestic and international tourists on the various attractions and facilities available in our National Parks and Reserves. Maps of Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya Coast and East Africa are also available.

We produce maps for marketing of companies in order to enhance their profile. Hotels and hotel chains, restaurants, banks, schools and colleges, airlines, car rental companies, and insurance companies can use our services to enhance their brand or image. Contact us to find out how to put you and your company on the map.

Our Maps A Physical Map of Kenya, A new Counties Map of Kenya, Wall Map of East Africa, and Political Map of Africa have been approved by Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) for Social Studies for Class 4 to 8.

We specialize in location maps such as Kenya, Nairobi and Mombasa.

Our client portfolio includes the following organizations:

American Embassy
We have published a Map of Nairobi and Suburbs for the American Embassy.

We have published and branded a comprehensive map of Nairobi and Mombasa for BooksFirst. BooksFirst are bookshops that are located in selected Nakumatt Supermarkets countrywide.

Cooper Motors Corporation (CMC)
We did publish a CMC Route Map of Kenya for CMC Aviation School.

German Embassy
We have published a map of Nairobi for the German Embassy showing locations of  German Institutions such as German Embassy, Goethe-Institute, German School, GTZ, and others including political foundations. The map also includes tourist attractions, shopping malls, major hotels, restaurants and other places of interest.

Goshrani Printers Ltd
We designed a Map of Africa and a World Map for Goshrani Printers. They used the maps in their diaries.

Inter Parliamentary Union
We designed a Map of Nairobi that was used by delegates at the 114th Assembly held in Kenya May 2006.

Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA)
We published three maps for KTDA. A Map of Kenya showing the tea growing areas and tea factories. A Map of Tea growing region – West of Rift Valley and a Map of Tea growing region – East of Rift Valley.

Kenya Tourist Board (KTB)
We have published 410,000 copies of “A Tourist Destination Map of Kenya” as at June 2017. KTB is using the map to promote Kenya in various source markets in Asia, America and Europe. The map highlights the major attractions such as the National Parks, Hotels, Lodges, Golf Courses, Museums and National Monuments.

Kenya Planters’ Co-operative Union Ltd (KPCU)
We published a Map of Kenya showing the coffee growing areas.

Kenya Postel Directories
We have published various maps of Kenya, Towns and National Parks for the Kenya Tourism Guide Edition 2, 3, and 4.

Kenya Shell Ltd
We designed Maps of Greater Nairobi and Mombasa showing various petrol stations managed by different Oil Companies.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)
We have published Maps for 13 Parks managed by KWS; namely Aberdare National Park, Amboseli National Park, Kakamega Forest National Reserve, Lake Nakuru Nat Park, Marsabit National Park, Meru National Reserve, Mt. Elgon National Park, Mt. Kenya National Park, Nairobi Nat Park, Shimba Hills National Reserve,Sibiloi National Park, Tsavo East National Park, and Tsavo West National Park.

Nation Marketing and Publishing Ltd
We have designed maps of Kenya, Kisumu, Eldoret, Mombasa Island, Nairobi Industrial Area, and Nairobi Central Business District that are used in their Nation Business Directory.

National Museums of Kenya
We designed two maps for the National Museums of Kenya. One map was showing the Major Trade Routes in Eastern Africa in the 18th Century. The other map was showing the historical and culture of Eastern Africa. These two maps were used at the Collaborative Exhibition between the British Museum and the National Museums of Kenya held at the Nairobi Gallery from 30th March to 30th September 2006.

Tea Board of Kenya
We published a Map of Kenya for Tea Board of Kenya showing the tea growing areas and tea factories.

Text Book Centre
We designed three maps for Text Book Centre. They were A Wall Map of East Africa, Physical Wall Map of Kenya and Administrative Wall Map of Kenya.

Zain formerly Celtel
We published a map of Nairobi, Kenya, and Kenya Coast for Celtel (now Zain) to be used in their brochures in 2008.

Africa Point
Africa Point has published mini guides for tourists. We did the small Maps that are used in the mini guides. The guides are for Nairobi, Kenya and Kenya Coast.

Liberty Africa Safaris
We also published a Map of East Africa for Liberty Africa Safaris. The Cover of the Map has the Company’s photo, logo and contact details.

Sarova Hotels
We designed maps of Nairobi Central Business District and Kenya Coast clearly showing the location of Sarova Hotels such as Whitesands Beach Resort, The Stanley, and Panafric Hotel.

Somak Safaris
We published a Map of Kenya for Somak Safaris. The Cover of the Map has the Company’s photo, logo, and contact details.

Southern Cross Safaris
We designed a map of East Africa for Southern Cross Safaris that was used in their brochures.

Origins Safaris
We have published Branded Maps of East Africa for Origins Safaris. The cover of the Map has the Company’s photo, logo and contact details.

Twiga Tours

We have published Branded Maps of East Africa for Twiga Tours.

Tourist Finance Corporation (TFC)

We published maps for TFC formerly known as Kenya Tourist Development Corporation. These were Kenya maps showing the hotels they have financed.

Albatros Travel

We have published Branded Maps of East Africa for Albatros Travel.