Mount Elgon National Park Map

Mt.Elgon National Park
A KWS map showing park roads, park boundary, footpaths, nature trails, airstrip, sign posts, hotels and lodges, campsites, bandas, and pictures of common animals seen in the park. Size A1.


Scale 1: 35,000



Mt Elgon National Park

The Park lies on Kenya ‘s second highest mountain, at an altitude of  between 8000 and 13800 ft above sea level. Mt. Elgon is an ancient eroded volcano with a huge caldera and on its summit, a spectacular flat topped basalt column known as Koitobos. Another unique feature is the lava tube cave measuring over 60m wide and frequently visited by elephants in search of salt licks.

Besides a rich heritage of fauna and flora, the Park is also endowed with a variety of breathtaking scenery cliffs, caves, waterfalls, gorges, calderas, hot springs and the mountain peaks.