Nairobi National Park Map

Nairobi National Park

A size A2 map. The map shows the park boundary, main roads, secondary roads, park roads, other roads, management tracks, railway line, forests, contours, rivers, water holes, picnic sites, lodge, restaurant, park gates, signposts and the Safari



Scale 1: 50,000




World’s only Wildlife Capital. This is the oldest National Park that covers an area of 117 sq km. Over 100 recorded mammal species, 4 of which  are members of the Big Five(lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhino). There are more than 400 recorded species of birds.

There are several places of interest near the Nairobi national park such as The Nairobi Safari Walk, Animal Orphanage, The Kifaru Ark Gift Shop, Mega Shop, and the Wildlife Conservation Education Centre(which includes a library and museum). There are two restaurants; Sebastian,s Safari Walk Cafe and Rangers(overlooking a floodlit waterhole).