1. A Tourist Safari Map of Kenya  

An updated guide to Kenya. This comprehensive size A1 Map shows Places of interest, National Parks and Reserves, Roads, Cities, Major Towns, National Museums, Lakes, Rivers, Physical Features, Hotels, Lodges, Camps, Tribes, and National Monuments. It also includes a Road Distance Chart.

Scale 1: 1,500,000

2. A Tourist Safari Map of Tanzania

A size A1 map. This map shows the Major Roads, Secondary Roads, Minor Roads, International Boundary, Rivers, Relief, Towns, Places of Interest, Hotels and Lodges.

The map has small maps of Arusha and Dar es Salaam.

Scale 1: 2,000,000

2. Touring Map of Kenya and Northern Tanzania
A size A1 Map with Tourist Information. The Map is printed on both sides. The front is a Map of Kenya and Northern Tanzania. The back has small Maps of National Parks and Reserves size A6. These Maps are of Nairobi Nat Park, Tsavo East and West, Maasai Mara Nat Reserve, Serengeti Nat Park, Amboseli Nat Park, Aberdare Nat Park, Samburu Nat Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara Nat Park, Meru Nat Park, Lake Nakuru Nat Park, and Mt. Kenya Nat Park. These small scale maps have little details on the Parks but have information on the Parks written in English and French.

3. A New Map of East Africa
A size A1 Map that is good for tourists, schools, and the general public. It has details such as roads, international boundaries, provincial boundaries, provincial names, national parks and reserves, rivers, lakes, airports, hotels, lodges, tribal names, towns, and places of interest. The countries shown on this map are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The legend of the map is in English, German and French.

4. A Tourist Map of Kenya Coast including Mombasa Island
This size A1 map details the hotels, roads, railway line, airports, airstrips, islands, districts, towns, national parks and reserves and places of interest along the Coast.The Map covers the 700 km coastline from Vanga on the Tanzanian border to the remote Kiunga Marine Reserve bordering Somalia. It shows the South Coast stretching from Mombasa to Shimoni, the North Coast extending from Mombasa to Malindi, and Mombasa town which sprawls over and island, connected to the mainland by Makupa causeway.

5.A New Map of Greater Mara

A size A1 map showing roads, vegetation, lodges, tented camps, and other facilities within the reserve. Has a list of animals, reptiles and birds that are common here and also shows the periphery of the reserve. The map also has a locational map.

6. Aberdare National Park including Lake Nakuru and Hell’s Gate National Parks
A size A1 map that covers Kinangop plateau, the Aberdare forest, Aberdare Range, Menengai crater, Bahati forest, Nakuru town, Mau forest, Mau Escarpment, Olkalou town, Laikipia forest, Nyeri town, Naromoru town, and Eburu forest. Also shows Lakes Naivasha, Elementeita, Nakuru, Crater and Ol Bolossat.

7. Mt. Elgon National Park
A KWS map showing park roads, park boundary, footpaths, nature trails, fauna and flora, airstrips, signposts, lodges, campsites, bandas, caves, vegetation, and pictures of common animals seen in the park. This size A1 also has a locational map. It has pictures of common animals seen in the park.

8. Nairobi National Park
A size A2 map that shows features such as roads, forest areas, relief, rivers, dams, grassland and scattered trees, boreholes, camps, picnic sites, signposts, and pictures of common animals seen in the park.

9. Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves
This size A2 map shows features such as roads, tracks, spot heights, relief, rivers, airstrips, water holes, lodges, camps, campsites, view points, signposts, vegetation, and swamps. Pictures of common animals seen in the reserves are also shown. Also includes a locational map and general information.

10. Lake Nakuru National Park
This maps details tracks, relief, cliff, rivers, lake, forests, lodges, campsites, airstrips, outposts, buildings, sign posts, picnic sites and hotels that neighbor the park. This size A2 map includes general information on the park.

11. Mt. Kenya National Park
The Map shows the peaks of Mt. Kenya with climbing routes clearly marked. It shows roads, park gates, campsites, lodges, bandas, rivers, vegetation, swamps, trigonometrical points, spot heights, ranger’s post, buildings, and observation towers within the park. The Map is size A1.

12. Hell’s Gate National Park
A size A2 Map showing roads, rivers, water holes, water tanks, lodges, view points, picnic sites, campsites, and vegetation in the park. Has pictures of common animals seen and a locational map.

13.  Tourist Map of Tsavo West National Park
A size A2 map showing roads, park boundary, contours, spot heights, relief, rivers, swamps, airstrips, water holes, lodges, camps, ranger’s post, park gates, and vegetation. The map also has information about the park.

14. Expanded Map of Nairobi and Suburbs
A comprehensive size A1 Map printed on both sides. On the front is a general Map of Nairobi. The back has maps of Karen/Langata, Nairobi National Park, Westlands and the Nairobi Central District. Shows places of interest such as Karen Blixen, Giraffe Center, Mamba Village, Butterfly Center, Kenya National Museum, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, and Recreational Centers.

15. Greater Nairobi
A size A1 street Map showing hotels, buildings, recreational parks, estates, churches, temples, mosques, restaurants, airports, railway line, roads, bookshops and hospitals. Has an inset Map of the Nairobi Central Business District.

16. Nairobi Road Map
This size A1 Map covers the entire Nairobi Province. It shows the towns neighboring Nairobi such as Kiambu, Ruiru, Athi River, Kahawa, Ndenderu, and Ongata Rongai. Also has an inset Map of the Nairobi Central Business District. The Map shows the roads, the southern by-pass under construction, provincial boundary, buildings, hotels, restaurants, churches, estates, and hospitals.

17. The Physical Map of Kenya
The provinces of Kenya are clearly shown on this Size A0 Map. A good Map for schools. It shows the provincial boundaries, roads, railway line, provincial names, provincial headquarters, towns, and physical features. The Physical Features shown on this map are mountains, highlands, plateaus, valleys, hills, lakes, rivers, plains, islands, and swamps. This map has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Kenya and listed in the KIE Orange book page 116 – Revised 8th Edition of January 2008.

18. CMC Route Map of Kenya
A size A1 printed on both sides. One side is the North Sheet showing the Northern part of Kenya ie north of the equator. The other side is the South Sheet detailing the Southern part of Kenya ie south of the equator. Also shows the relief, general information and aviation details for the CMC Flying School.

19. Tea Map of Kenya
A size AO Map that shows tea growing areas, estates and tea factories. Special emphasis on the East and West of the Great Rift Valley. Also has general information on the Tea Industry in Kenya.

20. Africa Political
This size A1 Map shows the political boundaries and countries of Africa. Also has an inset Map of Africa emphasizing on the relief. The Map shows roads, railway lines, capital cities, major towns, rivers, lakes, canals, and spot heights.

21.  A Wall Map of East Africa
A size A0 map that is good for schools. It shows the main roads, railway line, international boundaries, cities, water bodies, towns and administrative boundaries. This map has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Kenya and listed in the KIE Orange book page 116 – Revised 8th Edition of January 2008.

22. Great Lakes Region
A size A1 Map that covers Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC – formerly Zaire), Congo, Rwanda and Burundi in detail. It also partially covers Cameroon, Gabon, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Central African Republic. The Map shows the roads, railway lines, airports, rivers, swamps, lakes, forest areas, international boundaries, national parks and reserves, capital cities, and major towns.

23.Southern Sudan
A general size A1 Map of Southern Sudan. Good for Non-Govermental Organizations and Companies planning to invest in Southern Sudan. It shows the canals, lakes, roads, railway lines, rivers, swamps, and major towns.

24.Wall Map of Africa
A size A0 map that shows countries of the Africa continent, international boundaries, major roads, capital cities, major towns, lakes, oceans, longitudes and latitudes.

25. World Map

This is a size A0 map that shows continents, countries, major cities, oceans, seas, longitudes and latitudes.

26. A Map of Turkana County

This is a size A1 Map that shows roads, county boundary, rivers, constituencies, towns and wards.